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Are you tired of feeling stupid every time you need a locksmith service? All you want to do is to change your lock, so you search the web for your local locksmith in Esher, pick up the phone and dial. And here the questions start! What type of lock do you have? What type of door is it installed in? Would you prefer a new lock or a cylinder re-key instead?

You try to come up with the right answers, but you still feel that you're guessing and unsure. This glossary is written by a locksmith in Esher for all our customers.


Re-key is an alteration made in the cylinder, so the lock can no longer be opened by the old keys. After a re-key process a locksmith hands the owner a new key, designed to fit the altered lock. This locksmith service is quite simple and it allows the property owner to keep the old lock, and to save money by paying only for the labour.

Digital Locks

A mechanical keyless lock suitable for doors and lockers for both commercial and residential properties. A good lock for those who prefer not to carry keys around or have the tendency to lose them. These locks have a few versions - with and without a handle, regular or heavy-duty locks with special features which will help your lock against break ins. You can use these locks for your home or business.

Lock Snapping

A method used by burglars trying to gain access by breaking in through the door. A great force is applied to the cylinder and as a result, the cylinder is snapped in two allowing the thief to walk into your house freely. This action will take a professional burglar just a few seconds. To prevent it, Tone Locksmiths of Esher offer our clients anti-snap locks, specifically designed to prevent this method of attack. Don't be misled that this cylinder will never snap, no matter what force is applied to it. It will snap, the breaking point is predetermined, and the cylinder will still require a key to open the door.

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